Nothing Sounds better than Copper!


We have tested all types of wire , dielectric materials as well as various types of shielding . Every product in this industry has a Point of Diminishing Returns as far as cost and materials . Not to mention myths and legends . We designed our products to go beyond this point , but we left out the snake oil. We are proud to offer great sounding products that outperform others at twice the price . We are also proud to offer them at a price point that real musicians can afford , and will last as long as you own them..

Every guitar pickup has its own peak resonance , find the total capacitance that matches your inductors (pickup) and you will hear the true voice of your instrument , once you find it , the tone will be hard to beat . Why leave tone on the table?

Take a second to consider a more scientific approach to achieving better tone , find the right amount of capacitance that works best with your specific  pickups peak resonance.

Contact us to target your peak resonance .

From guitar to amp , amp to speaker cabinet  and even outlet to amp , all of our products are a instant upgrade from off the shelf options . Tune your tone!

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